Bright Futures Children’s Services has been established since 1988 operating family day care.  Family Day Care is a quality child care option where children are cared for by an educator operating their own business and who is a member of an Approved Service. These educators must have attained, or actively working towards, a Certificate III in Education and Care as a minimum before they can apply for registration with our service. Many of our educators hold a Diploma and have been recognised within the Family Day Care industry as exceptional professionals.

Winners of the 2021 Excellence in Family Day Care Service of the Year award for Western Australia and South Australia, Bright Futures Children’s Services is managed by a Coordination Unit. Our team includes child care professionals who support educators in the provision of quality education and care for children between 0 – 12 years.

We have an experienced Educational Leader who guides staff and educators in meeting the National Quality Framework that is embedded into everything we do in providing quality child care. Our Educator Support Officers mentor and guide educators in all aspects of their family day care business.

All educators have met the fit and proper criteria and are registered with Bright Futures to operate a Family Day Care or In Home Care business in accordance with all regulations and legal requirements, including a current Working with Children Check.

Our facilitated playgroup sessions and toy library support enhance the educator’s by providing opportunities for children to access experiences outside of the educator’s home that build connections with the wider community.

The City of Kwinana is the Approved Provider of our service and as a part of this vibrant local government, the Service is also included in the City’s assessment against the requirements of ISO Standards, ensuring that the management and administration systems we have in place are sound, sustainable and continually striving for improvements.

Our service supports three programs;

Our Philosophy

Bright Futures would like to say thank you to the Noongar Nation, the traditional custodians of the land where we stand today. We will look after the land, plants and animals that belong here and will treat all people sharing this land with respect. We pay our respect to all elders past and present.

Here is the land, here is the sky,

Here are my friends and here am I,

We thank the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation

for the land on which we learn and play,

Hands up, hands down,

We are on Whadjuk ground.

Bright Futures Children’s Services are dedicated to providing quality outcomes for children, families and educators in home based education and care environments.

We recognise the importance of children being immersed in their natural world and being provided with consistent environments that will enrich their learning and development. We are committed to incorporating nature, play based and open-ended experiences by using our knowledge of pedagogy to provide environments that provide a sense of wonder and investigation. Educators will be empowered to be environmentally responsible, passing on their enthusiasm to the children and families caring for our world, to help preserve it for future generations.

We will empower educators and service staff to follow best practices through self-evaluation, critical reflection and quality improvements. We will use research, data and theoretical approaches to improve or inform the decision making process. This will lead to forward thinking in child centred approaches and professionalism.

Parents and educators are viewed as partners, collaborators and advocates for the children. We will collaborate to build trusting, reciprocal and rewarding relationships where everyone feels a sense of belonging. We will actively seek involvement and contribution to the holistic wellbeing of all the children attending our service. We will treat individuals with the right to be defended and honoured through an open and honest manner, free from discrimination, dispossession and marginalisation. Inclusivity will be promoted by respecting culture, heritage and the diverse composition of families.

We will continue to be leaders and advocate for the Early Childhood sector by promoting best practices and excellence. We will strive to maintain Exceeding Standards as described in the National Quality Framework and recognise educator and service staff achievements.

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our vision is “excellent family day care where every child will have a bright future” and to meet this vision we act in a professional and respectful manner, valuing partnerships and diversity.

Our mission is to “engage, support, resource and inspire educators to work in collaboration with families ensuring each child reaches their full potential.” Our primary focus is always what is in the best interest of the child and, in doing so, we honour the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our core values are:

  • Differences will be valued in our service
  • Promote access and equality for all
  • Communicate open and honestly
  • Strive for excellence
  • Promote collaborative relationships
  • To be focused on positive outcomes

Fees and Charges

Parents can receive a reduced fee through the federal government Child Care Subsidy (CCS). Families can visit the Centrelink website to apply or call 13 61 50. Families will need to register for a myGov account if you don’t already have one in order to claim benefits.

Additional Child Care Subsidy may be available in times of temporary financial hardship and/or exceptional circumstances. Please contact the service to apply, or contact us.

Grandparents responsible for the care of their grandchildren may also be able to access the Child Care Subsidy. Grandparents will need to go through the same process to register for the Child Care Subsidy as explained above.

Each educator has their own individual Fee Schedule that has been approved by our Service and the Service charges families a weekly Service Levy which is included in the fee and collected through educators.

Child Care Subsidy

Are you registered for the Child Care Subsidy? The package can help parents with children aged 0-13 access work, training, study and volunteering. This subsidy is paid directly to the service, reducing your total cost of care.

Complete your online form now through myGov to find out if you or your partner are eligible for assistance with the cost of child care.